Houzz Process

Great Philosophical Outlook, Great Market, Great Culture.

Informational Chat:
In the process-I got to show my personality, show my phone skills callback, show my communication habits through email.

Phone Interview: Get to know the other person. A lot of connection. Human centric.
In the process-I set up my voicemail, I got to show my personality, focus on being positive, still needing helping in host duties.

Open Houzz: Smile!!! You have a lot to be happy for!

First and Second Job

1. My first job out of college I got hired as a busboy/server. I work at the Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club.

Foot in the door: I sent an email based on a referral from a friend’s sister who messaged me through LinkedIn about a different opportunity and then later on LinkedIn she posted a job hire.

The interview: I walked into the general manager’s office and we went straight into it. We talked about my experiences. He hardly asked me the types of questions I was taught to answer. He wasn’t particularly interested in my passion or goals. There was a hiccup when he asked me “what was the fanciest food you made with the kids?” I said I couldn’t say and eventually responded “Baklava, a middle eastern desert made with phyllo dough, chocolate chips, honey, bananas, strawberries.”

Job Security: At will, it was a part time position with minimum wage and member service charge(a kind of ‘tips’). The training happened while I was working, and took an informal, active, observational process. Workers compensation and protection.

Responsibilities/duties: Not formalized; I bus, I waiter, I do prep, I do set up, and I do clean up; Event based and shift-work.

Progress: I have worked here for a month and I plan to keep this gig for minimum three months and more. I like the flexibility and look to keep it as a weekend job. I dislike the service work, because I am made to be subservient to my clients(very rich people).

2. My second job out of college I was “overqualified” to work at Kumon, an academy for supplementing english and math ability in young students.

Foot in the door: I filled out an online application, submitted a resume, and available interview times at a simple looking website. The manager got back to me to meet up for an interview.

The interview: involved taking a Kumon test and then having a look over my resume. We talked about my goal, interests, duty, benefits. She had two concerns to my responses I said, I mainly wanted this job for the money. In other words, passion or interest was not my primary motivator. I was confused about this call for passion as it seemed to be a strategy to ask for more work for no extra pay. Additionally it was minimum wage. Internally I associated minimum wage with low respect work and lack of subsistence. Another concern was that I had no five year plan, she said that this job was primary as a way for employees to make a step towards working in education as a teacher or with children.

Security: Minimum wage, at-will, with growth potential, full time positions based on performance and experience.

Responsibilities/Duties: Not formalized; Part time to full time position based on performance at minimum wage pay with opportunity for growth. Shift-work. I was a glorified grader. I did not agree with the educational philosophy behind this company, especially from a worker’s perspective. Their motto was “repetition.”

Progress: I formally ended my relationship with this company after two weeks. I received a paycheck for training and the hours worked, untaxed. I had an exit interview and we talked about some misinterpretations and understandings about the situation. It was not a good fit for me, personality wise and value wise.

2015, April 1st

Complex States of Personality and Being

1. Safe Space
2. Respect
3. Waging Peace

Pura Vida,

How are you doing today?

Thought1: My brain is still not up to speed. I am eating less. I am being more cognizant of my body’s pain.

Thought2: I am not in tune with my feelings. Is that okay?

Thought3: Koreans’ voices are silenced. The confucian model of…..

Layer1: Continuous struggle. I see why some people are anxious. It is because they care about other people and they have to deal with the inherent disrespect brought to awareness by cultural differences. My feelings have been honed to be cool and smooth….

Layers2: I am hurt and I am angry and I am sorrowful and I am sore and I am in pain. These are my feelings. I wish I could start from square zero and then I really think about it. I say “nah,” I like who I am. All the pain that has brought me here. That’s all the life marked on my soul. That’s all the  pain and attention I get from the universe. That’s all the recognition of equity. I get what I can take. And I transform negative energy into positive. I transform positive energy into silent productive energy. I transform productive energy to shape my energy. And my energy is the color of black and blue. My color is midnight blue with the moon shining up high and the clouds floating by.

To embrace my memories and my capacity to remember I must embrace my feelings. I am hurt and I am angry and I am sorrowful and I am sore and I am in pain. This is information. I am a decision maker and I chose. I chose not to let it bring me down. This is my statement. Pain is just information. Information I know how to process. Information I know how to analyze. Information that I can destroy and create with. My name is Taehyukkim. I am significant revolution. This is my ego and I am proud. This is my name and I am proud. This is my heritage and I am proud. Behind my name is meaning, feeling, thought. I have a legacy. I come from my father and my mother who come from their father and their mother. I have a history. I was not brought into this world gently.

Here’s the image.
Revol(short for significant revolution) was born in California of 93. Lost his mother in 98. Was joined by the stepmom in 99. Was brought up verbally and physically abused. Everyday was a day of war. Revol was angry. Revol wanted to fight and fight and fight and fight. Revol wanted to beat all the pain away. Revol beat his chest to feel the pain somewhere else. He yelled and he screamed “Why me.” He hurt, he hurt so much. His generation comes from a cycle of war generations. To defeat the cycle, he must resolve the hurt and fill himself with respect and build a community of respect. It hurt for him to write this. He feels and he feels and he feels. He turned his head away for a moment and now he’s back.

Is it better now? Is it? Are you aware now, who you are? Are you aware? Are you aware? Do you know? Do you accept it? Can you take it? Can you take him? Will you take him in?

Superego: I will take him in. He is me. I am him. He made me. Let him rest. Give him some love.

Superego: Who am I? I am I. My ego is on a leash. My id is on a leash. It is ultimately I who is in control. I love control. I love power. No one can touch me. No one can hurt me. I am the agent.

Id: Hurt. Pain. Sore. Hungry. Lonely.

Pause. Stop in thinking. Liberating.